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The Science of Habits: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change it

This book delves into the inner workings of our brains and why we develop habits in the first place. From the initial trigger to the reward at the end, author Adarsh Gupta breaks down every step of this Habit Cycle.

But “The Science of Habits” doesn’t stop at understanding how habits are created, you also get practical tips and exercises to break free from your ingrained habits and develop new, healthier ones. Whether you want to stop smoking, start exercising more, or simply be more mindful in your daily life, this book will give you the tools you need to make lasting change.
You also get access to the Habit Cycle Worksheet. The principles of the worksheet are utilized in Chapter 5, to overcome some common bad habits, such as stopping smoking, eating unhealthy food, and procrastinating.

This book features

  • Evidence-based explanations
  • Practical tips and strategies to overcome bad habits
  • A three-step process to analyze your current habit and change it
  • Habit-Cycle Worksheet.

Don't Just Lose Weight, Lose Inches

This book provides you a systematic plan that incorporates healthy eating and workout plans to help you reduce your body fat and boost your metabolism. All of these recommendations are made in such a way that everyone can use them at home. This book provides

  • Whole-body exercises (doable at home),
  • Sample four-week workout plans
  • Tips, and strategies to cut down calories in your diet
  • Tips and strategies to incorporate activity in your daily routine
  • Over fifty low calories high protein recipes. Most of these recipes are vegetarian and vegan.
  • Personalized healthy lifestyle plan

The 100-Day Happiness Journal

The 100-Day Happiness Journal is a valuable tool for enhancing your well-being and cultivating a positive mindset. This journal is designed to help you foster happiness, self-awareness, and personal growth.

By regularly engaging with it, you’ll discover the transformative impact that mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection can have on your life.

Mindfulness Mandala Coloring Meditation for Stress Reduction

This adult coloring book has 50 stress-relieving mandala designs to provide hours of fun, calm, relaxation, and stress relief through creative expression—the mandala designs in this book range in complexity and detail from beginner to expert level.

Beginners start coloring simple mandalas, and later they color complex ones.

Mindfulness Mandala Coloring Meditation for Stress Reduction - Advanced

This adult coloring book has 50 stress-relieving mandala designs to provide hours of fun, calm, relaxation, and stress relief through creative expression.

This book is 2nd in the mandala coloring books series with detailed designs.

Daily Food Journal - Control your triggers and improve your eating behaviors

Daily Food Journal - Control Your Triggers and Improve Your Eating Behaviors

The Food Journal focuses not just on the food, but also on your feelings and habits that have an impact on the hows, whys, and whats of your eating. This food journal is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to identify certain patterns that might have an impact on your food choices and eating behaviors.
For instance:

  • Which foods make you feel energized afterward, and which make you feel sluggish?
  • Which foods do you typically reach for when you are stressed?
  • What effect do certain foods have on your quality of sleep?
  • How often do you eat when you are not hungry?
  • Do you tend to eat faster or slower when eating with others compared to eating by yourself?

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Seven Secrets to a Healthier You

If you have been trying to lose weight, you know that it has become a complex process with so many diet plans, and programs that claim to be the best to lose weight. Unfortunately, many of them are fad diet programs and gimmicks. One proven way to lose weight and not gain it back is to learn a healthy lifestyle. This book reveals seven secrets that can help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. These recommendations are supported by evidence.

You do not need to go on any complex diet plan. You can enjoy the food you eat. You learn to build a healthy connection with food. This book provides recommendations that can help you control your cravings, enjoy your food, and still be able to lose weight.